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biOrb's Baby BiOrb with light Fixture - Silver

Baby BiOrb with light Fixture - Silver

4 gallons

Includes Bowl Halogen light Air pump Plug top 12V transformer Ceramic Media Filter cartridge Bubble Tube Airstone Tap water treatment and sample pack of fish food!

Introducing the new BABY biOrb; with a
capacity of just 15L itís small and
perfectly formed. Baby biOrb uses the same
filtration system as the other Reef One aquariums.

30cm diameter 32cm high 15 litre capacity.

Baby biOrb comes with everything to set up a
safe stylish and simple to maintain
desktop aquarium. Ideal for in a
childís bedroom office or quiet
corner of the home.

Suitable for small breeds of fish such as minnows (cold water) and platys or guppies (tropical).

13 x 13 x 13

Item Number: 94180
Size: 4 gal. Silver
Price: $134.99

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